Ola Hou I ka Hula

Hula for Heart Health

Ola Hou I Ka Hula

Hula for Heart Health

Native Hawaiians are 70% more likely to get a stroke than Caucasian/White residents of Hawaiʿi. Hawaiians are also more prone to get heart disease much younger than any other ethnic group. Ola Hou i ka Hula is the result of 10 years of collaboration between Kumu Hula and Medical Doctors to merge cultural wisdom with science.

This program utilizes hula to improve heart health. All hula classes include a warm-up, stretching, footwork patterns, and increasing duration of continuous dancing, ending with a cool-down of singing and walking. Special attention is given to breathing, continued hydration and other health considerations. We will be monitoring vitals before and after each class to better track the needs and improvement of each participant.

Open to men and women. No hula experience required. Limited space available—REGISTER NOW!

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