Aloha Ohana! The Hawaiian word of the day is “Pilina”, e ‘olelo pu kakou “pilina” nani no! The word Pilina means association, relationship and connection. Pilina is similar to the word pili which means binded together and connected. An example in nature is when the tops of our native pili grass cling tightly together; or when pili grass is thatched together as seen on Hale Pili. Pilina is an important value in Hawaiian culture, having a strong pilina within your family, co-workers, or community allows you to achieve amazing results together. Used in a sentence “He pilina wehena ?ole ke aloha ‘aina” can be translated as “One’s love for his homeland is an un-severable relationship”. E ola mau ka ‘olelo Hawai’i! A hui hou kakou!

Via Hawaii News Now