Aloha! The Hawaiian word of the day is “Kahua”. The word Kahua means foundation, base, or platform, the word kahua also describes sites like playgrounds, athletic fields and courts of play as in the word “kahua pa’ani”. Used in a sentence “O ke kahua ma mua, ma hope ke kukulu” which can be interpreted as set the foundation first and then the building, let’s try this together ‘O ke kahua ma mua, ma hope ke kukulu” In other words learn all that you can and then practice. We must remember that we need to first set our Kahua in all aspects of our life, our connection to land, to our family, to our community and to our work. If these kahua are made pa’a we can confidently build upon them any structure that we can imagine. E ho’opa’a mau kakou i ke kahua no ka lahui, E ola mau ka ‘Olelo Hawai’i!

Via Hawaii News Now