Welina e na mamo a Haloa! ‘O Laiana Kanoa-Wong keia me ka hua’olelo o ka la. Our Hawaiian word of the day is “Ewe.” Let’s try that together, “Ewe” pela ihola. The word ewe is defined as Sprout or rootlet. It also refers to lineage, and the connection to your ancestors, ewe can represent your birthplace; or a family trait. The word Ewe is also similar to the word ‘iewe like afterbirth, it also is another word for “piko” or navel string which were well cared for and considered sacred. All these examples for “Ewe” demonstrate our connection to our ‘ohana. Here are a few ways to use the word ewe. “Ewe hanau o ka’aina”, which means natives of the land. “Ku no ke ewe”, someone who is true to his family traits. E ola mau ka ‘olelo Hawa’i! Aloha!

Via Hawaii News Now