"Diabetes and You"

Diabetes education presented by Cory Lehano. Sign up today and reserve your spot.

Cory Lehano "Diabetes and You"

Cory Lehano "Diabetes and You"

Pharm.D., CDE

Diabetes education presented by Cory Lehano, PharmD. Focus will be on the American Association of Diabetes Educators self-care behaviors.

All presentations will be held at the HNKOP ‘Aha Mauliola – A Native Hawaiian Wellness Gathering. Saturday, November 10, 2018 at the University of Hawaii Maui College Campus. Sign up today using the sign up form below to reserve you spot.

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9am – Diabetes & You: Health Eating – Having diabetes doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite foods or stop eating at restaurants. In fact, there is nothing you can’t eat. But you need to know that the foods you eat affect your blood sugar. Come and learn how to balance what you eat with our unique Hawaii lifestyle.

10am – Diabetes & You: Being active – Being active is not just about losing weight. It has many benefits like lowering cholesterol, improving blood pressure, lowering stress and anxiety, and improving mood. If you have diabetes, physical activity can also help keep your blood sugar levels to normal and help you keep your diabetes in control. Learn helpful tips and simple exercises that you can incorporate into your everyday lives.

11am – Diabetes & You: Taking medication and monitoring – There are so many medications today for diabetes, it’s easy to get lost and forget what they are for. Many medications work together to lower blood sugar levels and reduce your risk of complications. When taken correctly, they will help you feel better and help you live a more balanced life. Medications, along with monitoring blood sugars, are two key components to taking control of your diabetes.

1pm – Diabetes & You: Problem solving and reducing risks – Everyone encounters problems with their diabetes control. We just can’t plan for every situation that might arise. However, there are some problem-solving skills that can help you prepare for the unexpected and prevent specific problems in the future. Having diabetes also puts you at a higher risk for other health conditions. If we can understand these risks, we can take steps now to lower these risk of complications in the future.

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